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The People of West Park Church in Worship
We gather every Sunday at 11:00 AM to celebrate our faith and give testimony of our love to our lord and redeemer.

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We also gather at other times during the year to worship our God in accordance with festivities of the Christian faith. Our West Park Update page indicates special activities coming up in the next few weeks.

Our Mission

We are called to participate in God's activity in our neighborhood, our city, our country and the world by

bulletServing as a conduit for the healing, reconciling and binding up of the wounds caused by the conflicts of everyday living among our members, our neighbors and our city.
bulletMinistering to the needs of the poor in one of the richest cities of the world, the sick in a place that has one of the most developed systems of health care in the nation, the lonely that in the midst of eight million persons do not find understanding sometimes from even one and the powerless that see injustice and can't do anything about it.
bulletEngaging in the struggle to free people from sin, fear, oppression, hunger and injustice
bulletgiving ourselves to the service of those who suffer.
bulletSharing with Christ in the establishment of his just, peaceable and loving rule in the world.  


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